2mm vs 4mm?



Hello foundation-lovers!

This post is all about the lovely dual-fiber, angled foundation brushes at the end of the G Series. (G5552-G5557.)

These brushes are great for liquids and creams. They are a mix of white goat (on the outside) and synthetic fiber (on the inside). Why is the synthetic helpful? Well, natural hair brushes, like goat, absorb liquid. So, you will have to use (and waste) more product if you are using a natural hair only brush. Liquids sit on top of synthetic fibers and are not absorbed. So, these brushes have the usefulness of synthetic paired with the durability of natural hairs.

These brushes are pairs, or “buddies”: G5552 and G5553, G5554 and G5555, G5556 and G5557. In those pairs, they are the same size and shape. The first pair (G5552 and G5553) are recommended mainly for blushes and highlighting because they are a little small for all over foundation application. The medium and large sizes are good for foundation application. Which size you pick simply relies on your personal preferences.

“So,” you may ask, “why the pairs?” The difference comes in the length of the synthetic fiber: 2mm vs 4mm. For example, the synthetic fibers in G5552 are 4mm and they are 2mm in G5553. The longer the synthetic fibers, the lighter the application. So, the G5552 is going to give a lighter application than the G5553. It is the same for the other pairs: 4mm=lighter, 2mm=heavier.

That’s it! Now that you know, pretty easy, huh?

Best wishes,
Hakuhodo USA


7 thoughts on “2mm vs 4mm?

  1. I’m really stuggling to decide between 5556 and 5557.
    I use all of Bare minerals loose powder foundation, Giorgio Armani lasting silk and Chanel Perfection lumiere foundations. I like lighter, less creamier, and more liquidy foundations compared to something thick and pasty like Estee lauder double wear.

    • Hello! We wouldn’t really recommend the G5556 or G5557 (or any like duo-fibers) for powder because they are made primarily for use with liquids. Of course they can be used with powders, but they will not be the best option. We would suggest instead the G527, BJ527, J104, or flat kinoko brushes.

      • Thank you for getting back to me 🙂
        Which of the 5556 and 5557 would you recommend for the kinds of foundations I use? (Armani lasting silk, Chanel perfection lumiere, Urban decay naked; liquid foundations with medium thickness)

      • Hi again! Either one is fine for your foundations. It just depends on if you would like a lighter (G5556) or fuller (G5557) application. The more popular of the two is the G5557, if that helps.

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