Where to Begin


Where to Begin

The Hakuhodo USA website has many, many brushes with many, many uses. So, it is very understandable for new customers to be overwhelmed by the options. In order to find the brush that will best fit your needs, you need to answer these three questions:

1.) What skin type do you have?
2.) What kind of finish do you want?
3.) What kind of products are you using?

Lets talk about these three questions in terms of face brushes. (Eye brushes are a tiny bit different. )

1.) What skin type do you have?

This question is important because certain hairs work better with certain skin types.

Oily skin: Goat is better for oily skin because it is stronger. Oily skin can catch hairs and pull on them. Goat also provides fuller coverage. If you prefer a softer brush, try a goat/squirrel mix.
Dry Skin: Squirrel is best for dry, sensitive skin because it is soft. Squirrel is delicate and can break if skin is too oily, or if too moisturized.
Combination Skin: Combination/normal skin can work with whatever hair type you prefer.

2.) What kind of finish do you want?

Different hair types apply powder differently. This part is a little more complicated though, because the finish you want may depend also upon your skin type. In general, the softer the brush, the lighter the finish. So, Blue Squirrel will give you the lightest and most natural finish. Black Goat, on the opposite end, will give you a glossy and heavier finish.

So naturally, if you have oily skin and like a glossy finish, then go with Black Goat. In the same vein, if you have dry/sensitive skin and want a more natural finish, then Blue Squirrel is perfect all-around. But, what if you have oily skin but like a lighter finish? Or what if you have dry skin but prefer a glossy look? Here are some general guidelines for these instances.

Oily + Glossy = Black Goat
Oily + Natural = White Goat
Dry + Glossy = Goat/ Blue Squirrel mix OR White Goat
Dry + Natural = Blue Squirrel

Remember, if you have normal/combination skin, just follow the “softer equals lighter” rule. If you want a medium finish, go with the middle-range White Goat or Goat/Blue Squirrel Mix.

3.) What kind of products are you using?

This part is really simple.

If you are using liquids or creams, you need a White Goat, Synthetic, White Goat/Synthetic mix, Horse or Weasel brush. (You can use Black Goat with liquids, but we do not recommend it, because the hair has been dyed black. It shouldn’t be a problem, but the more you wash a black goat brush, the more chance that some dye might come out of the hairs.) Squirrel brushes cannot be used with liquids or creams.

White Goat: White goat is great for liquids/creams because it has not been dyed, and it is hardy.
Synthetic: Synthetic brushes are made for liquids/creams, and it will put on product the lightest.
White Goat/Synthetic Mix: This mix is perfect for liquids/creams. The goat supports the brush, and the synthetic does not absorb the product like the goat does, so you can use less product.
Horse: We have many horse eyeshadow brushes. These brushes are great for both powders and liquids, and they can be used for applying eyeshadow or concealer.
Weasel: Weasel is primarily found in eyeshadow brushes,  and it can be used with gels, liquids, and creams for eyeshadow, eyeliner, or concealer. We also have a couple of foundation brushes  made of weasel.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow  brushes have a more varied amount of hairs. Here is a list in terms of intensity of product dispersion.

Horse: Deposits the most color. Can be used with liquids. Isn’t as soft as other eye brushes.
Weasel: Deposits a medium amount of color. Can be used with liquids. More springy than horse.
White Goat: Deposits a medium amount of color. Can be used with liquids. Soft.
Canadian Squirrel: Deposits a medium to light amount of color. No liquids. Very soft.
Pine Squirrel/American Squirrel/Squirrel Mix: Same as Canadian Squirrel.
Blue Squirrel: Deposits the lightest amount of color. No liquids. Softest.

Eyeliner brushes follow the same rules essentially. Synthetic eyeliner brushes will deposit the lightest amount of liquid product.

Eyebrow Brushes

For eyebrow brushes we have horse, weasel, water badger, and hog. The brushes are listed from softest (lightest) to hardest (heaviest).

With this information, you have a solid base to start picking out the brushes that are the best for you . You are always free to email us (info@hakuhodousa.com) and ask for suggestions. If you do, include information about your answers to these questions so we can make the best recommendation.

Have fun,
Hakuhodo USA


6 thoughts on “Where to Begin

    • Hi Anju!

      A brush with squirrel in it, even if a mix, shouldn’t be used with liquid or cream products. Please use white goat synthetic, or duo fiber (goat/synthetic mix) brushes for those products.

      Best wishes,
      Hakuhodo USA

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