Numbered Brushes


I know that one of the main complaints about Hakuhodo brushes has been that there are no numbers on the handles, so it is difficult to keep track of which brush is which. Well, starting last month, due to this customer interest, Hakuhodo began releasing numbered brushes in the J and B series! The other series will be numbered sometime in the near future.

Due to this, some brushes will be switching from a different  series to the B series. The reason for this is that the B, or Basic series, is made up of brushes that Hakuhodo believes are “basic” brushes, or brushes that are great for everyone and for everyday use. Some of these brushes come from other series, like the J or G series. For example, the G5519 is also in the B series, where it becomes the B5519. The J142 is in the B series as the BJ142. The reason why this has become important is because since the brushes are now being labeled, Hakuhodo does not want to label the same brush with two different names, i.e. J142 and BJ142. For the affected brushes, you will see the webpage of those brushes look something like the image below for a while (J142=BJ142), until they transition to the final numbering (BJ142).


Please note about the numbers: while all the new brushes we receive from Japan in those certain series will have numbers, some brushes you receive may not have numbers as we sell our older stock. While we understand a request for all numbered brushes, we unfortunately cannot comply with such a request, so customers may receive a mix of numbered and not numbered brushes. We appreciate understanding on this matter.

We hope you like the new labels!


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