Welcome to the Hakuhodo USA blog!



Hi everyone!

Recently I came to a realization; I get the same questions over and over again. Instead of just copy and pasting, or even rewriting an answer again into an email, why don’t I put the information in the concrete form of a blog, that is easily accessible? Thus, this blog has been born!

Who am I? Oh, well if you must know, I am in charge of any correspondence and customer inquires for Hakuhodo USA! I have learned a lot in my time here, and I would like to share it with brush enthusiasts like yourselves! These various posts will hopefully make choosing the perfect Hakuhodo brush for you a piece of cake.

Of course, these posts will entail a more general analysis of brushes and their uses, or general information about the brand and different brush types. If you would like a more in-depth analysis, please take a look at the multitude of wonderful blogs available on the web. (Such as: Sweet Makeup Temptations, Temptalia, Shameless Fripperies, and The Non-Blonde, just to name a few!) You can of course email us for more details as well, but these blogs can sometimes give insight we cannot!

Also, please note: I will do my best to check the blog, but it is more for information only. If you have a pressing question, please email us at: info@hakuhodousa.com.

Well, I hope you have fun learning about our brushes here!

All the best,
Stephanie C.
Hakuhodo USA