Let’s Compare!


Hello everyone,

***Update 8/6/14: I updated the eyeshadow and blush brushes, and added powder and highlighter brushes***

I have wanted to, for a while, make a sort of “English catalog”, where you can easily compare the brushes side-by-side. At this current time, we only have a Japanese catalog, so our website serves as our English catalog, but the brushes are not listed side-by-side. In particular, I wanted to line up the brushes by type, so you could get more of a feel of the size and shape of brushes in relation to others of the same function, because when viewing online it is hard to envision these dimensions, even when those figures are written about each brush.

I have currently finished two sets, and I will be adding more when I am able to. I wanted to make a couple of notes about these before I post them.
**Please note about this “online catalog”:**
1.) This has been made for informational purposes only. Brush sizes and shapes may vary. These are pictures of four-dimensional items, so they may not look exactly like the brushes in person. (What I have noticed most is they are, of course, fluffier in person.) Besides, each brush is hand made, so even if you buy the same brush, they may not look exactly the same. I took photographs we have and compared them one-by-one with the brushes in our showroom. ALWAYS rely on the dimensions listed on the website.
2.) The photographs are of the Japanese brushes; the heads (tops) are the same, but the handles might be different. (The handles are not shown in full anyway.) For example, the brushes in Japan are primarily SM, or medium size. The brushes at Hakuhodo USA are primarily SL, or large size. (Except for a few in the G series, which are the same in Japan and the USA.) Again, we are comparing the heads here, so it doesn’t really matter, but I wanted to just note this.
3.) I have taken the liberty of organizing some brushes as I see fit. For example, the Kokutan Eyeshadow C is listed as an “eyeshadow” brush, but I have put it with the highlighters because of its size (and it is the same top as G528 which is a highlighter brush). I did the same thing with G5537 and G5538. There are also a couple large blush brushes that I have saved for the powder series.
4.) You should be able to compare between series. I have matched them all up. I am not sure about the cut of the crop, because I did them separately, but the dimensions should be parallel.

That is it, for now! I hope these images help making choosing the perfect makeup brush simpler, and dare I say it, fun! 🙂

Powder Brushes:

Blush Brushes:

Highlighter Brushes:

Eyeshadow Brushes:

Happy browsing,
Hakuhodo USA


Making a “Special Order”


Hi everyone!

I wanted to make a post on special orders, as I receive inquires ever-so-often.
First, here are some reasons why you might wish to make a special order.

1.) You would like a brush that is on the Japanese website, but not on the USA website.


Most of the brushes that are available on the Japanese website are available on the USA website, with the exception of some fan brushes, kabuki, or the S100 Black series. We can special order these brushes. The biggest reason why a brush wouldn’t be on the USA website, however, would be because we cannot import it. Brushes we can’t special order have heads made of “tamage/玉毛” , “kolinsky/コリンスキー” , or “weasel/イタチ” hairs. Also, some sets have handles made of products we cannot import as well, or include tamage or kolinsky brushes.

2.) You would like to order a brush with a different sized handle, or a different colored handle.

In Japan there are three different handle sizes: small or SS, medium or SM, and large or SL. In the Basic Series, three extra handle colors are available in the SM handle size: champagne gold or ShSM, silver or SiSM, and white or WhSM.


All of the brushes on the USA website, besides some brushes in the G Series, are SL. This is why you have a full name of a brush such as “B103BkSL”, even though the end part isn’t really necessary when there isn’t another choice. The Japanese brushes are mostly SM size. That is why you will see a slight difference in the lengths between some brushes. For example, J103 on the USA site is 190mm and the Japanese one is 165mm.

The only brushes that can have small handles OR change color are found in the Basic Series. Some brushes that are in other series on the USA site are also in the Basic Series on the Japanese site. For example, the BJ527G = J527G, or the B5519 = G5519. (The USA site is now changing over any names of brushes in other series from their original (i.e. J142) to the Basic Series name (i.e. BJ142). Always, when there is a brush that has the same numbers, it will have the exact same head. (Except, for example, black/white goat brushes, like the B110 and J110. They are the same shape and size but one is dyed black goat and one is sokoho white goat. Or the pair like the S142 that is blue squirrel, and the BJ142 is white goat.) You can browse the Basic Series here: http://en.hakuho-do.co.jp/products/list79.html

3.) You would like an accessory that is not available on the USA site. (We cannot import cosmetics.)


Lately, we have added more accessories, but there are still a few that are not on the USA website.We actually do have some on hand, but they just are not up on the USA website for one reason or another.

Special Order Terms

Time-frame: Special orders take roughly four weeks to arrive at our office, and then we ship it out to you.
Returns: Special order items are non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

Ordering Information

If would like to make a special order, please first tell us the products you are interested so we can make sure we are able to special order them, and also so that we can give you the price of the item(s).

Next, we need the following information to create an invoice. If you have already made an order with us before, we can just reference that information.
1.) Name
2.) Address
3.) Phone Number
4.) Shipping Method (Domestic: $9/Priority, $29/Priority Express; International: $14/First-Class, $49/DHL or USPS Express)

Please email all this information to: info@hakuhodousa.com, along with any questions.

Best wishes,
Hakuhodo USA

S100 Stocking Issue


Image(edit: 4/21/14)
You may know by now that most of our S100 brushes are unfortunately out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, the production of the S100 brushes has been delayed. We will be shipping them out as soon as they are available. However, this will not begin until the Fall of 2014.

Also, please note that the quality of the brush heads in all of the series is the same, so the only difference between say the S100 and B100 is the handle (and price). Listed below are brushes that are either completely the same or have the same shape and size as some of the S100 brushes.

S100 = B100 (same)
S102 = Kokutan Finishing L (same + synthetic)
S103 = B103 (same)
S104 = B104 (same)
S106 = J531 (same)
S110 = B110 (same)
S116 = B116 (same)
S122 = J122 (same shape)
S125 = J125 (same shape)
S126 = B126 (same)
S127 = B127 (same)
S132 = B132 (same)
S133 = B133 (same)
S142 = J142 (same shape)
S146 = J146 (same shape)
S4001 = J4001 (same)
S5555 = G5555 (same)
S5557 = G5557 (same)

Best wishes,
Hakuhodo USA

How are the series different?




Hello Hakuhodians!

This is the question that is asked most often. Looking at our series, one can understand why! We have a total of seven series: S100, J Series, K Series, G Series, Kokutan Series, Basic Series, 200 Series, plus Japanese traditional brushes, kinoko (kabuki) brushes, fan brushes, and portable brushes.

With all these series, it can be hard to know where to start. (More on this later.) However, the most important thing to understand is: every brush head is the same, high quality, no matter what handle.

A lot of times customers will assume that the S100 series is the best because it is essentially the most expensive and flashy. However, the expense comes from the beautiful handles, and the brush heads are of the exact same great quality as the other series!

For example, the S100 and B100 have the exact same heads. The roughly $20 price difference comes up because the S100 handles make them more expensive. So, if you like the handles, then go for it. But if it doesn’t matter to you, keep to the basic handles and save a few dollars. The white goat brushes in the J series are also a bit more expensive because they are softer than the black, dyed goat brushes.

For example:
S100: $96
B100: $72
J100: $99

Here are some other tidbits about the various series that make them stand out for one reason or another.

S100 series: The S100 Series brushes have a 24 karat plated ferrule, as well as a red lacquer handle and the Hakuhodo blue bird logo on the bottom. They are a favorite for gifts. The most popular brushes in this series are the: S103, S125, S142.

J Series: The goal with the J Series was to “return to nature”. All of the goat hair brushes are not dyed, and the rest of the brushes are made of horse, so any brush can be used with liquid or cream products. Some popular brushes in this series are: J5523, J5521 and J528.

K Series: The K Series has a lot of interesting brushes, including a blush brush made of pine squirrel (K008), and a goat blush brush with an interesting round and flat shape (K022). The eyeliner brush K005, luxurious blue squirrel powder brush K002 and blush brush K020 are fan favorites.

G Series: The G Series is the most varied of all the series. There are many fun shapes, sizes, and hairs. It also contains the very unique dual-fiber foundation brushes (G5552-G5557) .

Kokutan Series: “Kokutan” means “ebony wood” in Japanese. The handles in this series are made of that wood, which has a great weight to it. The handles are also a little shorter than the other series. Fans of the Kokutan Series love the varying eyeshadow brushes.

Basic Series: The basic series is made up of brushes that are just that: the basics. The basic series gathers great brushes from other series, and contains many goat/squirrel mixed brushes. The B100 and B103 are popular brushes from this series.

200 Series: This series is mostly lip and eyeshadow brushes. A fan favorite is the 210 blush brush.

Japanese Traditions: Fans love these traditional brushes that have been used for generations in Japan on geisha and for various theatrical performances. The Yachiyo brushes are hand-wrapped in cane, giving them a very delicate look. The flat traditional brushes are great for contouring, foundation, or body art.

Kinoko/Fan Brushes: “Kinoko” means “mushroom” in Japanese, and has become the name of these kabuki brushes that take the same shape. These brushes come in many sizes and shapes and serve all purposes including: foundation, blush, contour, buffing, blending, bronzer. Fan brushes are great for taking along in a purse.

Portable Brushes: Our portable brushes are just that-portable! We have portable brushes for all your needs.

We hope this helped clear up any questions you had about Hakuhodo’s series!

All the best,
Hakuhodo USA

Welcome to the Hakuhodo USA blog!



Hi everyone!

Recently I came to a realization; I get the same questions over and over again. Instead of just copy and pasting, or even rewriting an answer again into an email, why don’t I put the information in the concrete form of a blog, that is easily accessible? Thus, this blog has been born!

Who am I? Oh, well if you must know, I am in charge of any correspondence and customer inquires for Hakuhodo USA! I have learned a lot in my time here, and I would like to share it with brush enthusiasts like yourselves! These various posts will hopefully make choosing the perfect Hakuhodo brush for you a piece of cake.

Of course, these posts will entail a more general analysis of brushes and their uses, or general information about the brand and different brush types. If you would like a more in-depth analysis, please take a look at the multitude of wonderful blogs available on the web. (Such as: Sweet Makeup Temptations, Temptalia, Shameless Fripperies, and The Non-Blonde, just to name a few!) You can of course email us for more details as well, but these blogs can sometimes give insight we cannot!

Also, please note: I will do my best to check the blog, but it is more for information only. If you have a pressing question, please email us at: info@hakuhodousa.com.

Well, I hope you have fun learning about our brushes here!

All the best,
Stephanie C.
Hakuhodo USA