S100 Stocking Issue


Image(edit: 4/21/14)
You may know by now that most of our S100 brushes are unfortunately out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, the production of the S100 brushes has been delayed. We will be shipping them out as soon as they are available. However, this will not begin until the Fall of 2014.

Also, please note that the quality of the brush heads in all of the series is the same, so the only difference between say the S100 and B100 is the handle (and price). Listed below are brushes that are either completely the same or have the same shape and size as some of the S100 brushes.

S100 = B100 (same)
S102 = Kokutan Finishing L (same + synthetic)
S103 = B103 (same)
S104 = B104 (same)
S106 = J531 (same)
S110 = B110 (same)
S116 = B116 (same)
S122 = J122 (same shape)
S125 = J125 (same shape)
S126 = B126 (same)
S127 = B127 (same)
S132 = B132 (same)
S133 = B133 (same)
S142 = J142 (same shape)
S146 = J146 (same shape)
S4001 = J4001 (same)
S5555 = G5555 (same)
S5557 = G5557 (same)

Best wishes,
Hakuhodo USA