Making a “Special Order”


Hi everyone!

I wanted to make a post on special orders, as I receive inquires ever-so-often.
First, here are some reasons why you might wish to make a special order.

1.) You would like a brush that is on the Japanese website, but not on the USA website.


Most of the brushes that are available on the Japanese website are available on the USA website, with the exception of some fan brushes, kabuki, or the S100 Black series. We can special order these brushes. The biggest reason why a brush wouldn’t be on the USA website, however, would be because we cannot import it. Brushes we can’t special order have heads made of “tamage/玉毛” , “kolinsky/コリンスキー” , or “weasel/イタチ” hairs. Also, some sets have handles made of products we cannot import as well, or include tamage or kolinsky brushes.

2.) You would like to order a brush with a different sized handle, or a different colored handle.

In Japan there are three different handle sizes: small or SS, medium or SM, and large or SL. In the Basic Series, three extra handle colors are available in the SM handle size: champagne gold or ShSM, silver or SiSM, and white or WhSM.


All of the brushes on the USA website, besides some brushes in the G Series, are SL. This is why you have a full name of a brush such as “B103BkSL”, even though the end part isn’t really necessary when there isn’t another choice. The Japanese brushes are mostly SM size. That is why you will see a slight difference in the lengths between some brushes. For example, J103 on the USA site is 190mm and the Japanese one is 165mm.

The only brushes that can have small handles OR change color are found in the Basic Series. Some brushes that are in other series on the USA site are also in the Basic Series on the Japanese site. For example, the BJ527G = J527G, or the B5519 = G5519. (The USA site is now changing over any names of brushes in other series from their original (i.e. J142) to the Basic Series name (i.e. BJ142). Always, when there is a brush that has the same numbers, it will have the exact same head. (Except, for example, black/white goat brushes, like the B110 and J110. They are the same shape and size but one is dyed black goat and one is sokoho white goat. Or the pair like the S142 that is blue squirrel, and the BJ142 is white goat.) You can browse the Basic Series here:

3.) You would like an accessory that is not available on the USA site. (We cannot import cosmetics.)


Lately, we have added more accessories, but there are still a few that are not on the USA website.We actually do have some on hand, but they just are not up on the USA website for one reason or another.

Special Order Terms

Time-frame: Special orders take roughly four weeks to arrive at our office, and then we ship it out to you.
Returns: Special order items are non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

Ordering Information

If would like to make a special order, please first tell us the products you are interested so we can make sure we are able to special order them, and also so that we can give you the price of the item(s).

Next, we need the following information to create an invoice. If you have already made an order with us before, we can just reference that information.
1.) Name
2.) Address
3.) Phone Number
4.) Shipping Method (Domestic: $9/Priority, $29/Priority Express; International: $14/First-Class, $49/DHL or USPS Express)

Please email all this information to:, along with any questions.

Best wishes,
Hakuhodo USA